Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm in love with a paper!

A few days ago, I think I wrote an amazing research paper about gender discrimination and legalization of marijuana. Although, it really brings alive my feminist, hippy mindset I think that it gets the point out perfectly on what the government should do to better the United States. I think my ideas, and suggestions could revive a lot of the good parts of the 60's-80's lifestyle. Add hippies to modern day logic and a little less drug use and I think we can finally establish peace on Earth globally! That's a huge dream of mine. These papers, if ever were to be published and seen by the government, will bring this dream into action. Even if they don't, I will wiggle my way into the House of Representatives and do my best to better, not just America, but the whole world.

I am a strong, black women activist who will not allow her papers to go unseen!

Don't Blame Pop Culture...

Of course, let's not put the weight of our problems and addictions to what our society puts in, not just our own but our children's daily lives as well. Don't we all just love hearing and seeing the same dramatic altercations between celebrities that my little sister looks up to. Let's publicize numerous hip hop and pop stars slutty moments for the whole world to see. Then maybe, with faith, that my little sister will grow to be a respectable women because that huge part of responsibility is left upon my mothers shoulders. The government and entertainment industry can reek all havoc they seek because it's what the generation before me and my little sister wants to get a kick out of. So, let's not blame pop culture.. let's blame the generation before me, i.e, our parents for allowing my little sister and I for seeing, hearing, and reenacting what we see everywhere we go. Now it's up to me, to stop my little sister from becoming the next Mimi Faust. 

Oh, How I Love Sweenglish!

Everyday is a new, extraordinary day in Sweeney's class. Even though we do most of the talking; it's enjoyable. It's like we're teaching each other and helping each other out instead of completely relying on our beloved Sweeney. Which is great! Whenever I have questions, or need absolute help, one of my classmates is always there for one other. It builds a great sense of friendship and a very nice college experience. I know when I first came into Sweeney's class, I knew no one and didn't plan on getting to know anyone. Fortunately, the more I went to class, the more I found myself talking to someone new about whatever the discussion was.

Horray for Sweeney! You're a social mastermind.

What is Originality?

What's normal? What is something that someone has never thought of before? All questions every person who is alive on this Earth today, thinks of. How do we know that someone in a different place, at the same time, isn't thinking of the same thing. How to become original is easy but it's branching out and doing something different is the hard part. It's the fear of the unknown, I think, that makes this inexplicably unanswerable question, live.

Plain Jane's v. Pepe Long Stockings.

My mother used to call it. With me, I went through a lot of different phases to only figure out that I have to find what's normal to me. Everyone isn't the same so there is no originality anywhere. It is just wants common to society that people get confused. In the term, originality, 'origin' in the prefix is what people forget about. Where did it come from? Why do I see it everywhere? Because the origin of this idea was something a lot of people liked so it became common which I think leads to originality.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nancy Sommers: "Between the Drafts"

    Between the Drafts was a very informative reading, in my case. In this writing, Sommers explained about her life growing up as an German child and how individuals change when writing to make themselves seem professional. Even though I thought the writing itself was great. I disagree with Sommers point. I have a passion for writing and I've learned in order to stand out in writing, you have to be original. Therefore, being myself flows through my writings.
    Although, Sommers is not wrong in her writing Between the Drafts. Not everyone is like me. There are many individuals out there that may not have a passion for writing like me. Some actually do change their diction and try to sound as opposite of their actual selves as possible. Of course, the reasoning for this change of persona is justified. This person who has changed themselves from goofy to professional, is aware that there is a time to be themselves and then back to someone else. That is a constant taught life lesson. Throughout school, I was told I needed to learn that. One lesson that everyone will never forget. On the other hand, using your own voice in anything you do makes that one thing that you are doing sound more interesting. That was the other half of the life lesson that no individual will ever forget. Especially for the individuals who have a passion for writing like myself.
    Sommers did a good job with explaining this in her writing but I just don't agree with her comments in the Between the Drafts article. She was addressing most but not all. From my own experience, we all have an unique voice. If we taught the most people who feel they need to change their persona in order to look/sound like someone else,  then more writings like Nancy Sommers: "Between the Drafts" would be a little more interesting.