Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm in love with a paper!

A few days ago, I think I wrote an amazing research paper about gender discrimination and legalization of marijuana. Although, it really brings alive my feminist, hippy mindset I think that it gets the point out perfectly on what the government should do to better the United States. I think my ideas, and suggestions could revive a lot of the good parts of the 60's-80's lifestyle. Add hippies to modern day logic and a little less drug use and I think we can finally establish peace on Earth globally! That's a huge dream of mine. These papers, if ever were to be published and seen by the government, will bring this dream into action. Even if they don't, I will wiggle my way into the House of Representatives and do my best to better, not just America, but the whole world.

I am a strong, black women activist who will not allow her papers to go unseen!

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